personal project

Since the start of 2020 I decided to go a bit deeper into animation and try new things. I experimented with a ton of new techniques on this project. It was really fun. You can check out a bit of my pipeline below.

Started using Ableton Live to figure out the song's BPM and map the key elements I would like to animate. In this case I focused on the "kicks" and "wubs synth". I laid down some MIDI channels to mark the elements helping me better sync the animations later. 

I created the character using Adobe FUSE. It's an awesome program to pump out quick human models. I then uploaded it to Mixamo and searched for a nice motion capture clip that would fit with the song.

The main work was done in Cinema 4D where I synced the Mixamo animation with the song beats and animated the camera. Notices that the dance animation only plays when there is a kick. Same goes to the camera movements. It only moves when the kick hits.

The last step was to create the background animation. I used After Effects and a bunch of assets from @eduard_ov 's course "Rich Glitch". I used the "wubs" sound to generate some opacity automation for some comps.

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