is it training that you seek young one? Here you will find a list of masters to
help you learn 3D art. These are all amazing artists that helped me a lot when I
was just starting. Make sure to check each and every single one of them.


Definitely the best place to start if you are not familiar with 3D. Not only these guys have amazing products. Theirs "Intro to Cinema 4D" is the perfect way to start.


Created by @mhsprod, it's like a HUB for motion designers. The YouTube Channel has tutorials for all levels and are labeled accordingly.


With an open source "everyday" project, the french monkey has hundreds of free Cinema 4D projects files to download. Playing around with the files is an awesome way to learn.


Useful tutorials and resources for a range of different programs. I would say that the Marvelous Designer and World Creator series are the best.


Also know as "Octane Jesus" this guy has a ton of awesome tutorial on Octane Render. From forest landscape to advanced shading.


Sometimes we caught ourselves up chasing new programs and techniques and ends up forgetting that it's kinda important to understand how things are working on the background. For me at least Andrey has amazing videos explaining how the render engines actually works.


The "Everyday God" has some process time lapses on his YouTube Channel that are worth to watch on x0.25 speed. You can learn a lot from it. Plus A LOT of resources on his website.


Do you like nature? Im pretty sure Josh loves it. He makes one of the best forest/landscape renders out there (in my humble opinion). His YouTube channel has some tutorials that are definitely worth your time!


Also know as "The Puddle Man", his YouTube channel has a bunch of nice tutorials ranging car renders to audio sync and, of course, my all-time favorite, realistic puddles.

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